Koneika was established in late 2010 with the aim of providing an attractive and highly technological product for the segment of the starting of engines for cars, trucks and buses, railway engines, power supply quality, Etc.

Koneika belongs to the Mondragon Corporation - a group composed of over 85,000 partners, practising innovation, driving internationalisation, and believing in the commitment of people to achieve maximum efficiency. A solid support all all levels, including finance, industry and distribution, with a call for global leadership.

Koneika and its parent company, Eika, S.Coop., have joined Fagor Electrónica, S.Coop. in the project SUPER-STRG-MGTM, funded by the CDTI Technology Development Centre and the European Economic Mechanism (EEA Grants).


MONDRAGON is the result of a cooperative movement that began in 1956, when the first industrial cooperative was created in the Basque town of the same name. Its business philosophy is contained in its Corporate Values: Cooperation, Participation, Social Responsibility, Innovation.

MONDRAGON's mission combines the basic objectives of a business organisation competing in international markets with the use of democratic methods in its business organisation, job creation, human and professional promotion of its workers, and commitment to development alongside its social environment.

Today,MONDRAGON consists of over 100 autonomous and independent cooperatives and is the No. 1 business group in the Basque Country and No. 10 in Spain. 

Corporación MONDRAGON - 2015 - Español - Spanish - Espagnol - Spanisch - Gaztelera - Spagnolo - Espanhol from MONDRAGON Corporation on Vimeo.